Mr Biffo posts on the Edge Forums about news of the return of humour, and the end of Digigate:

Yes, chums, you read it right; Digi has been asked to lighten up. Not a dream. Not an imaginary tale. It's actually 10,000% true. Blimey, eh?

Not entirely sure what it'll all mean, but before you all start frothing at the zip, I doubt we'll see a return to the all-out stupidity of the good old days. Still, we should all be glad that they've admitted they might have been wrong with some of the decisions made last September, and we can allow some of the humour to seep back in. I sincerely respect them for that. On a purely cynical level (my kind of thinking), they've realised the advertising potential of a section that will appeal to 16-25 year-old males. Won't say I've been making that point for ten years, but still... new regimes, and all that.

As Herr Pickford says, we'll be going back to six days a week. There'll be as much content as before, but we'll be able to be more up-to-date. Plus, you'll all be able to return to your daily, pre-breakfast, Digi-reading habits. Going to try to introduce (perhaps re-introduce in some cases) some new features. But not too much, because I'm a busy wasp.

Hey - Biffo is elsewhere in the Mediasphere too. The next series of Sooty (yes, SOOTY) begins this month, and was overseen by myself in the role of Story Executive, until I objected to the producer inserting a reference to heroin into an episode, threw a hissy fit, stormed out, and demanded my name be removed from a bunch of episodes. But still, six of them were, technically speaking, written by me. But Christ knows what they did with them after I left, so I apologise in advance. Though I'm assured my line "You got cream of tomato all over my thighs" has been left in.

Also, I've an episode of the sparklingly excellent My Parents Are Aliens on ITV sometime this autumn. It films next week, and is possibly my second most favouritest thing I've ever written. Mine is episode 10, and deals with the profundity of death and eating competitions.

Also spent much of this year working on a mega-budget CGI show that's a cross between Blade Runner and Moulin Rouge. Very cool. Produced by Magnus "Brother Of Raph & Joseph - Producer Of All Saints" Fiennes.
Did some weird puppet things for Fox Kids last year, entitled The Adventures Of Brush Lee And Jackie Chain. Added some voices alongside the superb Phil Cornwell. Hurrah! Was due to script (and voice) the follow-up – Vegetable Wrestling Federation - but didn't have time.

And from the bird-lime to the perpendiculous; I'm also doing some grown-up telly. Developing a live action sit-com pilot for Channel 4 (as a Sorry We Didn't Comission Knife & Wife thing - which could still resurface elsewhere... albeit better than before). Developing a pilot of a proper grown-up comedy drama for ITV, which has sort of spun out of the film I wrote for Sky a few years back (which also looks like it could resurface somewhere). About to start work on another film project. And, maddest of all, I'm writing for the new-look Crossroads, which begins in January. My episode goes out on the 27th. Look out for the Digi reference, and the Insane Old Man, whom they very kindly gave me to introduce to the show.

And just as I got to the end of all that I had a phonecall which has blown the top of my head off. Crikey. Wish me luck for next week.

Love to you all!

Uncle B."

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