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Hinge Museum


1 October 2001 - HINGE MUSEUM

I've got a new job working in Europe's largest hinge museum, just outside of Brussels. The museum is dedicated to the history of hinges, brackets and castors, and features many interactive displays on their manufacturing and design.

In the main hall, we have "Old Jeremy" – the world's largest, free-standing hinge, built in 1932 by Rory McGrath's great grandfather.

It's my job to keep an eye on Old Jeremy, and ensure that it doesn’t fall onto any school parties.

2 October 2001 - HINGE MUSEUM

It's a lot of fun being a curator at Europe's largest museum of hinges, brackets and castors. Before working here, I never realised how interesting hinges could be.

For instance, did you know that German company Omnipivot Manufacturing Ltd once manufactured half a million standard load-bearing brass hinges in under an hour?

Or that the Samuvali Indians in South America worshipped a giant wooden bracket called "David Belt"?

3 October 2001 - HINGE MUSEUM

It's so very sad: I've had to stop working at Europe's largest museum of hinges, brackets and castors, due to an unfortunate incident in which I failed to prevent a goat from getting into the main display hall.

By the time the goat had finished its rampage, it had done more than £4.5 million damage, and eaten several rare box hinges.

My employer's immediate reaction was to throw paint in my face. His follow-up reaction was to fire me.

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