The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Has The Flu


18 February 1997 - HAS THE FLU

I've stopped being a sci-fi fan now, because I have the flu really bad. On Friday night I started to feel awful, and fell onto a hedge where I have been laying ever since.

I've been coughing up some peculiar stuff, you know. Last night I coughed up a playing card, and this morning I couldn't stop coughing kidney beans. What's worst is all the passers-by who think I'm being sick, and refuse to help. One man even broke a light bulb on my back because he was so disgusted.

19 February 1997 - HAS THE FLU

I've gone to see the doctor about my flu, but he was less than sympathetic. I walked into his surgery, and at first he refused to acknowledge me. He just sat there doing a jigsaw.

When I started coughing, he began to tut-tut, and threw the jigsaw in my face. He then marched around the room punching the walls, and asked me who I thought I was. Before I had a chance to speak, he kicked a bin over and ran out of the room laughing.

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