The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Cocktail Bar


22 May 2000 - COCKTAIL BAR

I've got a new job working behind the bar in an exclusive West End cocktail bar. The name of this bar? Bar-Hoo-Tay. It's great fun working here, because we get all kinds of fun professional people, in their smart suits, with their sparkling wit, coming in here.

These are the people who grease the wheels of our society, with their worthy contributions and slogans. Sometimes, if they're being particularly sparkling, I'll add my extra special ingredient to their drinks: a punch in the mouth.

23 May 2000 - COCKTAIL BAR

I really enjoy working behind the bar at an exclusive West End cocktail place. We have a lot of special cocktails here, which I frequently recommend to the charming, and well-sounded media professionals who frequent the establishment.

The names of these drinks? "Please Punch Me In The Mouth", "I Really Want You To Kick My Leg Really Hard", and "This Isn't The Name Of A Cocktail: Beat Me Sensless With The Broken-Off Leg Of A Chair".

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