The Man With A Long Chin's Diary


Being Doctor Who


31 May 1996 - BEING DOCTOR WHO

I've had my first adventure as a Time L.O.R.D.

I went to a planet called Space Planet, whose inhabitants were being attacked by the Bubblers (a kind of monster).

It seems the Bubblers were made out of halva blocks with wires stuck on. This discovery enabled me to destroy the invaders by shoving them all into a room and blowing it up.

1 June 1996 - BEING DOCTOR WHO

My TARDIS landed on an old spaceship manned by a race of purple ladies called the Super Ladies.

They'd been plotting to destroy Earth by tying heavy space corks to Mount Everest. Their calculations showed that this would cause the mountain to slide about and smash everything up.

Their plans were foiled when I pointed out that space corks didn't exist yet.

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